The Federal Street Multimodal Connector project

Conceptual project plan.  Click to view pdf.
Conceptual project plan. Click to view pdf.

The Federal Street Multimodal Connector is an exciting project with the purpose of bringing a multitude of improvements to north-south vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the City.


For decades the corridor of Lemnah Drive, Allen Street, Catherine/Market Streets and Federal Street has been used as a de facto bypass to Main Street, as well as a primary route for commercial and residential traffic to access the west end of the City.  Nevertheless, this collection of streets was never designed to be the City's second-most important north-south corridor; it just happened that way over time.  There is a need to provide clearer connections, better traffic management and safer routes for pedestrians along the entire corridor.

Accomplishments So Far 

The City has constructed one phase of this project along the Catherine/Market/Federal Street corridor from Allen St. to Hampton Lane. This phase also included improvements to the Lake/Federal/Catherine/Market intersection. 

What's Next

Planning and engineering is currently underway on new sidewalks, crosswalks and curbs along Federal Street from Hampton Lane to Lower Newton Street.
More recently, the City received federal funding in August 2022 to complete the remainder of the project.  This would include:
  1. A traffic signal at South Main Street and the St. Albans State Highway
  2. A new street linking South Main to the end of Lemnah Drive.
  3. Sidewalks and a new bridge on Lemnah Drive.
  4. Improvements to the Lemnah-Allen-Lower Welden intersection.
  5. The aforementioned sidewalk work along Federal Street.
  6. A new traffic signal at Federal and Lower Newton and coordination with the existing signal at Main and Lower/Upper Newton.
With the new federal grant in hand, the City's next steps will be to work with the engineer/design team to assess how many of the project's ultimate goals can be accomplished with available funding in the next phase.  Stay tune for more updates.

For more information, please contact:
Chip Sawyer
Director of Planning & Development
Phone: 802-524-1500 x259
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