St. Albans City Housing Study

In 2013 the St. Albans City Planning Commission was tasked with undertaking a study of housing issues in the community. The study was pursued through 2014 and 2015.  The overall goal of the study was to facilitate discussions and answer some of the burning questions our community has about housing. The six study questions were:

  1. What is the nature of the City’s current housing stock, especially owner vs. renter and the % of subsidized units?
  2. What are market rents in the City?
  3. What critical needs exist for housing in the City? What do we need more of?
  4. What is the effect of subsidized housing on the private rental market in the City? And vice versa.
  5. What is the effect of subsidized housing on the City’s grand list?
  6. What are some ways to ensure the proper maintenance of housing in the City and the residential quality of life of our neighborhoods?


Link to the Study Report


The City has a comprehensive plan that calls for ensuring the right housing mix. Many housing projects have been developed in the City in the past decade, some of which have required the City Council to vote in support of particular projects to allow developers access to federal grants. However City Staff and the Planning Commission have realized that there are no complete answers whenever the above questions are asked by the City Council or the public. While the City may be able to plan for desired housing densities, there exists little to no mean by which to guide other City actions concerning types of housing or the needs thereof. The City lacks comprehensive guidance on what types of projects to support and what other actions to take. The Planning Commission intends the results of the St. Albans City Housing Study and Needs Assessment to put the City much further along the path toward developing that guidance.

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Director of Planning & Development
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