Traffic Announcement for Lake Street - June 2 thru July 11, 2014

In anticipation of the parking garage panel erection, the Crane will be assembled at the garage site on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. 

From June 2nd to July 11th (end date dependent on weather and other conditions) traffic will be restricted on Lake Street to East bound traffic only, between Main St. and Federal St., Monday thru Friday in order to accommodate the delivery of the pre-cast panels to the site. No West bound traffic will be permitted from Main onto Lake St. during this time. The westbound lane on Lake St. will re-open on weekends only during this time period.

The loaded trucks will be arriving at the Fonda site for staging before 12pm Monday thru Friday. A shuttle truck will be taking the loaded trailers from the Fonda site to the garage site via Federal and Lake St and back.

Flaggers will be located at the intersection of Lower Newton and Rt. 7 between 8am-12:00pm to facilitate oversized loads; legal loads will not require flaggers. There will also be a flagger at the intersection of Federal and Lake St. to restrict east bound traffic when loaded trucks are backing into the site, and when empty trailers are pulling out of the site and heading back to Fonda. 328 pieces will be delivered to the Fonda site for the garage; these will be hauled on roughly 280 trailer loads, 140 of which will be oversized.

Traffic will be occasionally delayed as a result, please plan accordingly. Please contact Marty Manahan with any questions or concerns at 309-1134.

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