Proposed Affiliation Fee Ordinance and Water & Wastewater Operating Ordinance

The City of St. Albans is amending the ordinances governing the granting of water and sewer allocations and water and wastewater operations. If adopted, this ordinance change would lift the moratorium on new allocations outside the City limits subject to the following conditions:

  • Projects must be approved the by the City Council subject to the review criteria as outlined in the ordinance. 
  • Projects must agree to pay affiliation fees as outlined in the ordinance. 

This ordinance change also requires existing allocations without expiration dates to be paid in full within 365 days of passage or the capacity will revert to the City and makes technical corrections to operating ordinances. 

To view copies of the proposed ordinances, please click on the links below. Hard copies are also available in the City Clerk's office located at City Hall, 100 North Main Street. 

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