Would you like a new tree in the greenbelt?

The City of St Albans is preparing to place our tree order for the spring of 2019. We have an annual tree budget that allows us to plant 25-50 new trees each spring. In a recent tree survey, the State identified about 1,200 vacant greenbelt spots along City streets where we could benefit from a new planting. In addition, we typically have to remove some trees every year, and we hope to get those replaced. We would like to get our order in as soon as possible. To help us prioritize our list, we are interested in your input. If you have a spot in front of your property in the greenbelt just begging for a new tree, or if you know of a spot elsewhere in the City, give us a call. Contact Dave Southwick at (802) 524-1500 ext *262 or d.southwick@stalbansvt.com.

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