The City of St. Albans would like to ask for your help in addressing a few neighborhood parking issues. Here we go. Parking of any nature is not allowed in the front yard setback of your home unless previous approval has been granted. That means that you cannot park on the front yard of your home unless an approved parking spot has already been permitted by the city. All parking should be to the side and rear of the primary house, either in the designated driveway or a designated parking lot. Houses on corner lots have two front yards - these rules apply to both yards. Parking in the greenbelt or city right of way is prohibited. That space between the sidewalk and the street is off limits for parking. In fact, all four wheels must be on pavement. The City is looking for ways to assist property owners in meeting these requirements. Not sure? We can help – stop by or give us a call (802) 524-1500 *262. City of St. Albans.
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