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More FAQs have been added to the Community Pool Project page.  They are also pasted below:

More Frequently Asked Questions
December 20, 2019

St. Albans City and Town are proposing to construct a year-round community pool at Hard’ack.  Each community will ask their voters to approve $2.75 million at Town Meeting in March.  The City Council intends to pay the City’s share with part of the local option tax; the Selectboard intends to pay the Town’s share with the property tax.  In the run up to Town Meeting, both managers will periodically issue FAQ’s to answer questions posed by the community.

  1. If the bonds pay for the construction costs, how will the operating costs be handled?
    Operating costs will be paid for through the user fees from those who utilize the facility.  This will include insurance, heat, electricity, chemicals, plowing, etc.  The City has agreed to manage this through the Recreation Department just like with the current pool. 
  1. Will Town residents have the same access as City residents?
    Both communities will have an ownership interest in the facility and the fees for City and Town residents will be equalized. 
  1. How will the dome work?
    The dome will be provided by the Farley Group from Canada. They specialize in air supported structures in Northern climates.  The dome will go on in the Fall and be removed in the Spring.  Farley will send a crew to help with assembly and disassembly.  
  1. How will it be heated?
    The pool and the air under the dome will be heated with natural gas which is available at the site.  This will allow for heating the pool even when the dome is off in early Summer and Fall to allow more comfortable swimming for swim lessons, swim team, open swim, and aquatic programs. 
  1. What type of programs will be offered?
    We will be able to offer year round programming for all ages and abilities.  From swim lessons for the little ones, swim team for the school age kids, to low impact exercise classes for seniors, pools serve all age brackets.  There is also great potential for after school programs, camps, and collaborative efforts with the Greg Brown Lodge (on the other side of the parking lot). 
  1. What will it cost to access the facility?
    This is a community amenity.  Its mission is to facilitate community wellness and help distinguish us from other communities.  We don’t have enough information to build the program budget, but the intent is to offer an accessible community amenity with a pricing structure that encourages access similar to other programs of the Recreation Department.

Additional information is available on the City and Town websites or by contacting the Town and City Managers through their office.

Carrie Johnson, Town Manager
Dominic Cloud, City Manager

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