Traffic Signal at Main-Lake-Fairfield Activated Today

The City's new traffic signal at the intersection of Main, Lake and Fairfield Streets was activated this morning.  New features of the signal include radar detection of waiting vehicles and pedestrian call buttons.  Furthermore the pedestrian buttons emit a slight beep, so they can be located by residents and visitors who are hard of sight.  The signal conforms to ADA codes.

The signal is now entering a 30-day test period to ensure that it works smoothly.  Please be patient as any issues are worked out.  Please send any comments about the signal to the contact below.

Motorists and pedestrians are asked to now follow the "rules of the road" at the signal governing obeying the lights and crossing at the right time.  However during the Streetscape Project, it will also be necessary to follow the directions of construction flaggers in the area.

Please do not be alarmed if the signal is set back to flashing for specific work on the Downtown Streetscape Project or for any other needed construction near the intersection.

The City appreciates the patience of all residents, visitors and businesses as the signal was constructed.

Chip Sawyer
Director of Planning & Development
802-524-1500 x259
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