Land Development Regulations

Linked below are the Land Development Regulations for the City of St. Albans.  Commonly referred to as "Zoning," these regulations are a City ordinance, enabled by 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, that govern construction, demolition, and the use of land and structures, as well as signage and the outward design of many buildings.

Before undertaking construction, demolition, renovation, or alteration on your property, you are urged to consult these regulations.

If you have any questions, the City Planning and Permitting Office is happy to help!  Please contact Sara Bennett at 802-524-1500 x262 or

You are also urged to check with us to verify that you have the most recent copy of these regulations.

Thank you.

Attached Document or FileSt. Albans City Land Development Regulations March 4, 2024 [6 mb pdf file]
Attached Document or FileOfficial Zoning Map May 29, 2023 [pdf file]
Attached Document or FileDesign Review District Map May 29, 2023 [pdf file]
Attached Document or FileStream Corridor Map [2 mb pdf file]
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