Compliance with Vermont's Open Meeting Law

The public boards, commissions and committees of the City of St. Albans strive to maintain compliance with Vermont's Open Meeting Law.

Open Meeting Law complaints directed to the City of St. Albans must be filed with City Manager Dominic Cloud by emailing both and or by postal mail to: 

     City of St. Albans
     Attn: Open Meeting Law Complaint
     PO Box 867
     100 No. Main St.
     St. Albans, VT, 05478

The written notice of complaint must allege a specific violation of the Open Meeting Law, identify the public body that committed the alleged violation, and request a specific cure of such violation. Upon receipt of the written notice of alleged violation, the City of St. Albans will respond publicly to the alleged violation within 10 calendar days by: 

  • acknowledging the violation of this subchapter and stating an intent to cure the violation within 14 calendar days; or 
  • stating that the public body has determined that no violation has occurred and that no cure is necessary.


Questions?  Please Contact:

Chip Sawyer
Director of Planning & Development
(802) 524-1500 ext. 259


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